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She Said I Love Dating Only Married Men.......

A young lady has told an unbelievable story about how she loves to date only married men and the benefits attached.
The story which she shared on @break_or_makeup on Instagram detailed her way of life, how the wedding rings on these men turn her on and how she has now actually fallen in love with a married man who loves his own wife dearly, so she wants to find a way to win the man over to herself.
I Love Married Men So Much, I'm Even Currently Pregnant for One - Lady Makes Shocking Confession
Below is what she posted:
I love married men so much, the ring on the finger is a
complete turn on for me. All my life I have only dated married men and life has been so easy for me. Married men don't stress you they just bless you with cash and affection. They don't even s*x you that much, they just want to feel you a little. My biggest challenge now is the married man I'm currently dating loves his wife so much but I love him more. I'm pregnant for him but he does not want the baby. Please how can I make him drive his wife away and marry me?
I Love Married Men So Much, I'm Even Currently Pregnant for One - Lady Makes Shocking Confession
A screenshot of the message as posted on Instgarm by @Make_or_breakup
LOL. This must be a joke! You want to make him drive his wife away, so he can marry you? Ridiculous!


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