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Showing posts from January 22, 2017

TyLa BLaQ - Move (The FreeStyle)

TyLa BLaQ, 15, debuts in the music industry with this dope tune which he calls Move. 

Move is a freestyle track and a marsh-up of different styles with entertaining lyrics and a catchy hook, centred around his own way to woo a 'tough girl' and eventually getting pissed off.  While the theme of the song isn't that popular,the beat and vibe fits the song

5 Everyday Habits That Make Your Breasts Sag Quickly You Must Avoid

It’s time to help yourself and learn what you are doing wrong that’s making your boobs sag                                                                                      quickly.                                                                            Here’s the thing: Some boob behaviors that seem like they have nothing to do with sag can actually contribute to it—so if you avoid them, your breasts will be better off. And considering that a recent UCLA

Music ; Mighty Star - Marry Me

Every Body Claims To Be a Star, But This This Tallented Young HUSTLER
          Made Us To Understand That He Is The MIGHTY STAR, Who Has Been Disturbing The    Streets with